Tabarca Island

Discover a bit about the only inhabited island in the Valencian Community and reach it from Santa Pola, the closest point to the peninsula.

Welcome to Tabarca

Unique Inhabited Island in the Valencian Community

Santa Pola is the closest point on the Peninsula to Tabarca, the only inhabited island in the Valencian Community. With an approximate length of 1,800 meters and a maximum width of about 400 meters more than an island, it is a small archipelago composed of Tabarca, Islet of La Cantera, La Galera, and La Nao.

Accessible from Santa Pola, Tabarca Island is a unique enclave in the Valencian Community, known for its rich history, 18th-century architecture, and its status as a marine reserve since 1986. Despite its small size, it offers a wide range of activities, from exploring its historical monuments such as the walls and the Church, to enjoying its crystal-clear waters for diving and other water sports, ensuring that boredom is never an option.

Tabarca Island is a treasure of the Valencian Community, where history intertwines with nature, offering everything from fortified remains and a baroque church to a diving paradise with crystal-clear waters and rich marine biodiversity.

What to Do on the Island?

Comforts and Adventures in Tabarca: Accommodation, Gastronomy, and Fun

In the picturesque Tabarca Island, not only do landscapes and historical monuments await you, but also a cozy selection of hotels and restaurants that promise to make your stay even more enjoyable. From charming accommodations that reflect the essence of the island to restaurants where you can taste the flavors of the Mediterranean Sea, Tabarca invites you to relax and enjoy. And for adventurous spirits, the island offers a variety of outdoor activities, from diving in its crystal-clear waters to boat trips and hiking, ensuring that each day is filled with new experiences.

Island with History

Discover the Charm of Tabarca: A Miniature Paradise

Planning a getaway to Tabarca? Here’s a sneak peek of what you can’t miss.

Explore the walls and gates of San Gabriel, San Miguel, and San Rafael, remnants of its fortified era to fight piracy.

Visit the Tower of San José and the Governor’s House to immerse yourself in the island’s historical life.

Marvel at the baroque-style Church, an icon that stands out in Tabarca’s landscape.

Dive into the country’s first marine reserve, with transparent waters and spectacular underwater flora and fauna.

Explore the rocky coves and the island’s only sandy beach, perfect for a day of sun and sea.

Take advantage of summer to practice sailing, windsurfing, or simply enjoy a boat ride around the islets.

In winter, enjoy the island’s peace with long walks through the countryside, especially beautiful in spring when the island is filled with unique aromas.

See all you can do on the Island

Tips, Stories, and Guides of Tabarca


What to Eat on Tabarca Island

It is well known that gastronomy is one of the strong points of Tabarca Island. If you are already familiar with the Tabarca-style fish stew, we invite you to try a creamy rice dish with Lechola (Amberjack). Although it’s quite

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Spending the Night on Tabarca Island

The magic of the night on Tabarca Island. With the last boat, the crowds disappear, and calmness sets in. You’ll discover a stark contrast between the hustle and bustle of the day across the island and the tranquility of tables

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The Tabarca Caldron

If there’s one thing that stands out on Tabarca Island apart from its crystal-clear waters and marine life, it’s its cuisine. You must try the authentic Tabarca Caldron, made with fresh fish and accompanied by the best rice you can

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