Easter Week 2019 on Tabarca Island


If you’re enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Santa Pola during this Easter Week, don’t hesitate to visit Tabarca Island.


It goes without saying that the best option to travel to Tabarca Island is from Santa Pola, as it is the closest town to the island and where we offer the highest number of trips per day.

During your stay in Santa Pola this Easter Week, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Tabarca Island. On a peaceful journey aboard our Catamarans with underwater vision or our speedboats, spend the day in this corner of the Mediterranean. Although the water may still be a bit cold, it’s time to take a dip before enjoying a good Tabarca Caldron. You can also witness the religious events that, although the population is small, still exist and are, to say the least, curious. Take the chance to visit its church, which will be open at some point during these days, the walls or the San José tower are worthy of you investing some of your time to see them, or the Governor’s house. Get lost in the countryside, which occupies most of the island, and discover hidden coves where you’ll feel like the inhabitant of a deserted island.

In summary, your Easter Week vacation will be unforgettable after visiting Tabarca Island, experiencing its cuisine and its beautiful corners. We await you.

Remember that you can plan your trip and buy your tickets ONLINE in advance.

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