The Best Way to Go to Tabarca Island: By Catamaran


One of the most stunning visits in the province of Alicante is Tabarca Island. A Marine Reserve since 1986, it will not leave anyone indifferent.


It goes without saying that the best option to travel to Tabarca Island is from Santa Pola, as it is the closest town to the island and where we offer the highest number of trips per day.

Whether it’s for its crystal-clear waters, where you can swim or snorkel, to enjoy the typical gastronomy based on rice and seafood, with the famous Tabarca Caldron, visit the ancient wall, or simply stroll through its streets, the best way to visit Tabarca Island from Santa Pola is aboard our Catamarans with Underwater Vision. Your journey to Tabarca Island begins the moment you step onto one of our catamarans. The journey will last just over 25 minutes during which you can enjoy magnificent views of the bay of Santa Pola. Upon arriving at Tabarca Island, we make a stop for a few minutes so that both adults and children can see the great variety of marine fauna that lives in this Marine Reserve.

What are the advantages of traveling by catamaran?

  • Comfort. Being a boat with a large beam (width of the boat), movements during navigation are barely noticeable.
  • NO QUEUES OR WAITS. There’s always room. We have two catamarans with a capacity of over 200 people each, so waits are almost nonexistent. Especially when returning after a great day on Tabarca Island during peak season, when everyone wants to wait until the end of the day and queues form to find a spot, and often some travelers have to wait for another speedboat because capacity is very limited. With our catamarans, this won’t happen to you.
  • BAR. We have a bar service in case you want to refresh yourself.
  • TOILETS. The catamarans have toilets for both men and women, in case of any mishap during the journey to Tabarca Island.

Do you need or want the journey to be shorter? Well, we have two speedboats available to go to Tabarca from Santa Pola for those in a hurry to get there. The return trip will always be by catamaran, so you don’t have to wait.

In summary, friends, couples, families… the best option to visit Tabarca Island from Santa Pola is with our Catamarans with Underwater Vision.

Remember that you can plan your trip and buy your tickets ONLINE in advance.

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"Trips and excursions from Santa Pola to Tabarca Island by Catamaran with Underwater Vision or Speedboat. You choose, we are the company with the best service. No waiting, comfortable and safe. Don't hesitate to travel with us and enjoy Tabarca Island to the fullest."

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